Glass Topped Coffee Table with Shelf





This beautiful round coffee table incorporates traditional elements of colonial design with natural cane legs and decorative Mindi wood panels; a toughened glass top completes the stylish look.

Designed for practicality as well as style this table features an additional shelf for extra storage and is a perfect accessory to complement any Reno suite.

The wide selection of furniture in this collection means it’s easy to create attractive layouts suitable for living spaces of all sizes.

Additional products in this range include Armchair, Swivel Rocker Chair, Sofas, and other Accessories.

All tables are supplied with toughened safety glass which meets the required British safety standards.

We do not advise placing hot objects such as tea or coffee pots directly onto the surface of the glass.

Height: 56cm
To clean the Glass top we recommend the use of a microfiber cloth, squeegee or a handful or newspaper with a touch of glass cleaner to avoid streaky glass.

Daro recommend the following guidelines to ensure your Daro Indoor Cane and Rattan Furniture maintains it appearance and condition.

*A regular clean with a soft cloth will remove any build-up of dust or debris. A spray of furniture polish can also be applied to the cloth to aid cleaning.

*We recommend that our Furniture is placed in a well ventilated room with a maintained temperature of over 18 degrees. Furniture left in a cold moist unused room can develop mould due to its organic matter.

*If mould does appear, use a soft brush to remove it, further harder cleaning can be applied with a warm soapy water solution and a cloth, a little hard work may be required.

*Avoid dragging your furniture, as the plastic feet may scratch surfaces or damage the legs of the furniture.

*To help protect your flooring we recommend the use of felt pads affixed to the plastic foot of a leg.

We also recommend the use of blinds in conservatory to reduce the sun’s exposure to the frames and cushions. It is also advisable to rotate the furniture around a room to ensure an even exposure to the elements.
Daro Frames come with a 2-year Warranty (*Online Registration Required)