Not only do you get a great new roof, but you will also pocket a 10-year guarantee with your purchase. This guarantee should provide you with constant peace of mind and tell you that the roof will last.


There’s no doubt about it, buying a new roof is a big thing. It will make a vast difference to your entire house, so long as you don’t disregard performance or cut any unnecessary corners.

You won’t always get a guarantee from certain companies when purchasing a new roof, and some don’t provide an Insurance Backed guarantee. At James Oliver, you will be given an Insurance Backed 10-year guarantee and the reason we can give you it is because we know that our roofs have been expertly designed and manufactured, giving you a lifetime of assurance. The materials and components used to build our roofs are first-class.

Windows Guarantee


The length of our guarantee is also consistent with our Environmental Policy. By supplying roofs that are made to last for a lifetime, it stops our customers from needing to get another roof further down the line, stopping any over consumption and reducing damaging carbon emissions.

It will require a decent investment to buy a conservatory roof and it’s not something you buy every day. We respect that and it’s why our guarantee provides you with such excellent cover. Over the lifespan of the roof, you will make huge energy savings and get more enjoyment out of your living space than ever before.

Windows Guarantee


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