If it’s time for a new conservatory roof, we have all the information and tips you will need to get the perfect replacement roof, one that will restore it back to its best.
Visit a showroom

It would be madness to buy a house without going to see it first, and the same goes for buying a new roof without viewing it in person. In our Lincoln showroom, you can get a good look at our replacement roofs and a feel for the difference they will make.

Only by experiencing a roof first-hand will you come to understand how much it will transform your living space. While at the showroom, you can also pick out some tiles and accessories for the roof.

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Choose carefully

After you have switched to a lightweight tiled roof, your conservatory will have more of a cosy ‘room-like’ feel than it did previously. The modern internally finished ceiling will revive your old conservatory and remind you why you loved it in the first place.

When adding a new roof to an old conservatory it is critical that the replacement roof is lightweight so that the existing frames and base are not compromised. A member of our team will conduct an inspection of the current frames and base to determine whether they need replacing ahead of the new roof being fitted.

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Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory
Bring in some light

You want your conservatory to be enriched with light after the addition of a new solid roof, which it will be if you include glass panels or Velux windows. Not only will this leave you with a beautifully inviting space, but you can also anticipate a fantastically energy efficient atmosphere.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory
Customised for your needs

We tailor our tiled roof solutions for each conservatory so that it fits the style and performs to the necessary standard. You can also incorporate various finishing touches, such as insulating pelmets, decorative cornices and guttering to ensure the roof matches your property.

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