Open the door to extreme style with our new Extreme Solid Core range…

The Extreme Solid Core Door is different. Very Different. Unlike traditional doors, the Solid Core range boasts an impressive 16 layers of laminated timber to a width of 48mm. This purpose-built layering ensures the doors perform excellently against the threat of break-ins due to an inherent increase in both strength and robustness. In the face of ongoing changes to the modern world, the signature Extreme Solid Core door offers an unparalleled combination of features never seen on the market.

With its ‘Auto-Engage’ locking system built as standard, the Solid Core Door locks automatically when closed, ensuring your home combats cold in the winter months and remains defiant in the face of would-be intruders.

Extreme Solid Core Door

The glazing is always one of the most important finishing touches to any door. At James Oliver, you’re also given the option of adding aluminium or colour-match glazing cassettes to frame the glazing for an ultra-modern effect. How about also having your house number etched into the glass?

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Solid Core Door features

A solid core door isn’t just far stronger than your usual standard door, but it also has features that you simply won’t find in any other door – there’s nothing else like it!

It will work well in any kind of surroundings, so it doesn’t matter what type of house you live in, a solid core door will help it flatter and impress your property. If it needs to be modified to suit, we can take care of that, such is the adaptability of the design.

Solid Core Doors

Extreme Auto-Engage Lock

High-security multi point lock which engages automatically upon closing so no need to lift the handle to engage your door, which means no more draughts or cold spots.

Extreme Security

Exclusive snap secure technology with lockdown mode keeps intruders out, even when the key is in the lock. Multi point locking system with two additional shootbolts located at the top and bottom of the door for unrivalled security.

Extreme Strength

The interlocked sixteen layers of laminated timber make up 48mm of the Extreme Solid Core Door with multi directional grain. This means the has core has increased strength and rigidity.

Extreme Hardware

The Extreme hardware comes in a range of colours to suit your home; they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes. Including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home.

Extreme Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.

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Unlike the usual foam-filled composite doors, the Extreme Solid Core range boasts a staggering sixteen layers of laminated timber in its durable 48mm solid core.

In addition to the variety of styles, the multiple locking points in our Auto-Engage lock and Snap-Secure locking cylinder offers maximum compression and acts as a further defence against the potential threat of burglary.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door
Extreme Solid Core Door


This is your chance to get creative. If you want a modern styling, it’s probably worth requesting an aluminium-look design and teaming it with a fashionable stainless steel bar handle. More of a traditionalist? Check out our classic and cottage styles, which come with an accompanying range of handles and accessories.

Attend to your door furniture…

It’s entirely up to you what kind of handle you have for the door. All our handles are extremely versatile, and each handle design will add something different to the design.

You will be far from disappointed by quite how many handle options there are for our solid core doors. Some are simple, and some are quite far out in their look.