James Oliver’s Guide To Buying New Replacement Windows

Your guide to getting the perfect replacement windows

Can you imagine for a moment if your home didn’t have any windows! In a country like this, you would get very cold, and your security would be at a huge risk, not to mention the many valuables that you have in your house. Windows also influence the very look of a property. 

So, it’s fair to say that windows are extremely important and should be given your full attention. 

If you feel that your current windows are past their best, they need changing now. When buying them, use this guide for reference to ensure you find the right replacements:

Window style

There are a lot of different window styles you can buy, and they will give a house a different aesthetic. Going like-for-like is a good idea if you want a similar style to what you have. 

At James Oliver, you can get your hands on casement windows (one of the most classic and traditional window styles), bay and bow windows (very often used in period properties) and tilt and turn windows (brilliant for cleaning and ventilation), amongst various others. 

You want to also select a window style based on functionality and the area where you live.

A kitchen window

Window material

When browsing our replacement window range, you will find out that James Oliver uses two main materials for creating its window designs – UPVC and aluminium. 

UPVC windows first took off in the 1980’s, and they’re still as popular now thanks to their affordability and them practically being maintenance-free. 

Aluminium windows have really slender frames, and because of that, glass entirely dominates them. The coloured finish is powder-coated, which is why it’s so distinctive in comparison to some window finishes.

An oak coloured window

Window installer

You want the best window installer you can find so that you get replacement windows that last and provide the many benefits that they’re supposed to. 

Go on Google and search for window installers to see who provides installation in your area. To narrow them down, have a look at any reviews you can find online – the more positive reviews, the better. 

It’s also worth choosing an installer with a recognised industry accreditation. James Oliver is an approved member of the FENSA scheme, so we’re very trustworthy.

A window fitter

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