James Oliver Is A Green Business – How We Protect The Environment

We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously at James Oliver, as every business should. 

Sash Windows with Georgian Bar Finish

With the growing threat of global warming being increasingly felt in various parts of the world, it’s down to each and every one of us to do more to reduce the impact we have on the planet – we can’t say we haven’t been warned!

This year, everyone within the company has been committed to our own self-formulated 2021 Green Initiative, which, amongst many things, recently saw us take delivery of a UPVC recycling container.

Using it, 100% of our old UPVC is now directly recycled back into the industry supply chain, and there’s lots of it as we take down several old conservatories and remove dozens of replacement windows and doors every week, saving many tonnes of landfill each year. 

UPVC is non-biodegradable, so when thrown into landfill it could just end up being sat there for years and years, which is damaging and literally a waste when in many cases, UPVC can be recycled up to 10 times and not lose any of its performance and structural integrity. 

How else do we put the planet first?

Well, the other main material we use to craft our home improvement solutions is aluminium, which is also recyclable – there’s no limit to the number of times it can be recycled, and like recycled UPVC, it doesn’t lose its quality. 

Recycled aluminium requires about 90% less energy than when creating aluminium from raw materials, but the lifespan of aluminium is extensive anyway, explaining why around 75% of all aluminium that’s ever been produced in the world is still in full use. 

Any timber used to develop our products is also sourced from renewable forests. 

Together, we can make a positive and lasting difference to the world. Join in our push for sustainability and buy your windows and doors from James Oliver here.


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