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How To Be Sure Of A Secure Home This Winter

It seems a lifetime ago now since we were all outside enjoying the sunshine until late in the day. The sun is setting just after 6.30pm and it will do so an hour sooner shortly. 

This will please any burglars who live in the region. It’s in the dark that they usually try and rob people’s houses, more so than in the daytime. 

Would you have full confidence in your home fighting off an attempt of theft? 

To raise awareness of how vital it is that your home security is up to scratch at this time of the year, October is National Home Security Month

Many steps can be taken to improve your home security, including these:

Installation of a burglar alarm 

Our homes are full of valuable things, so it’s quite extraordinary that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. 

A home gets burgled every 106 seconds, and as for the total average cost of a burglary, that’s £3,000!

It’s crazy not to have a bells-only, silent, wireless or dialler alarm when you can buy one and get it fitted for around £200+. 

Some people gamble on a dummy alarm deceiving thieves, but they can spot a dummy alarm a mile off. There’ll only be one dummy and it won’t be the thief.

Avoid leaving out a spare key

Thieves know all the usual hiding spots. If you regularly leave a spare key under a doormat or plant pot, they will find it and let themselves in. 

Your home insurance company won’t be forthcoming with a payout if you inform them that your carelessness was the cause of your house being burgled. 

When you’re happy for a friend or relative to have a spare key, just get them one cut instead. 

It’s also sensible to remove keys from indoor locks in case someone can somehow reach in and grab them from right under your nose.

Fitting new windows and doors 

Whether a thief manages to get into your home will depend much on whether your windows and doors are secure enough. 

Do a security check on them by fastening their locks and seeing if they move at all when you use a little bit of force to try and push them open. If you sense any looseness, we recommend getting modern double or triple glazed windows and doors fitted.  

A brand-new set of windows and doors will have a more secure locking mechanism and more resilient frame. You also can’t remove their glass from the outside.

You can get an amazingly low price on new windows and doors in our autumn sale, which has just started. Go to our Special Offers page to find out more and get a FREE quote.

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