How To Get Your Home Looking Festive

Some people will be tempted to skip over Christmas this year, but because 2020 has been so tough, we think it’s a good reason to celebrate the occasion even more than usual. 

You can do that from home in a number of ways.

Firstly, by having ‘virtual’ Christmas parties with friends and work colleagues, and secondly, getting lots of yummy Christmas food and drinks for the big day. 

But before all that, your house needs decorating, and you should pull out all of the stops. 

It needs more than just a bit of tinsel, we can tell you:

Turn your Christmas tree upside-down

You may have been wondering why so many people are posting pictures of their Christmas trees on social media the wrong way up this year. 

They’re actually not as upside-down Christmas trees are all the fashion this festive season, as Ariana Grande has recently demonstrated on her own Instagram account. 

It will probably come as news to her that hanging Christmas trees upside-down first happened in the Middle Ages, but are now making a comeback.

Add some sparkle to your stairs

Windows and doors are usually given a festive touch, but stairs are surprisingly neglected by many when you should make the most of them.

Intertwin a set of fairy lights into an all-natural garland and have it stretch the length of your bannister, either on top of it or along its base. There’s also mini garlands you can buy that you can twist around the stair rails.

The next step (pardon the pun) is to add a little red Christmas box to each individual step on your staircase.

Wrap your front door like a present

If you’re a fan of wrapping presents, why not wrap your front door too?

It will make a pleasant change from the customary door wreath, and it’s easy to do, requiring just some fabric, scissors, a large bow, duct tape and heavy duty magnet. 

You need to measure the door carefully so that you know what size to cut the fabric and then just wrap it with it, taping it down, and using the heavy duty magnet to keep the bow secure and stop it from dropping.

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