How To Get Your Front Door Looking Perfect For An Instagram Post

How To Create An Insta-Worthy Front Door

There are front doors galore on Instagram. Just click either of the hashtags #frontdoor or #frontdoors and you will see thousands of gorgeous front doors that people have stylishly decorated and want to show off to the world. 

Getting your front door into shape isn’t just advantageous for earning lots of ‘likes’ on your Instagram account though. It will also give your home added visual and buyer appeal. 

If your front door isn’t currently Insta-worthy, that can soon be changed. 

Use the many examples on the social media platform for inspiration, and take some inspiration from James Oliver too:

Coloured finish

The colour of your door is as important as anything, and this applies if you are buying a new replacement front door or opting to retain and repaint your existing one. 

Grey, black and white doors make up a large proportion of the many front doors there are in the UK, but you will also find doors in colours like Chartwell Green and Duck Egg Blue. 

There’s the odd pink front door around too, and sometimes it works really well. However, it won’t be universally loved, so keep that in mind.

A purple front door

Door wreath

You only used to ever see wreaths on front doors over Christmas, but now they’re a regular presence on a lot of doors. 

Some of the wreaths you see on doors will have been home-made, which isn’t as difficult as it may sound. The majority though will be premade, and a typical summer wreath has the usual summery colours, such as orange, pink and red. 

At the end of this summer you can always take it down and replace it for an autumnal wreath.

A door wreath


As well as use of a door wreath, the other trend is to have some planters on display at either side of a front door. 

You see planters of many sizes and types being used, but the most common choice tends to be twin potted bay trees, and they do a good job of drawing attention to a door. 

Any trees and plants need to be kept watered, unless you opt for low-maintenance plants, which will need a lot less watering and are less likely to die out without it.

A black front door

We have an extremely smart range of replacement doors at James Oliver, all of which will cause a great stir on Instagram or any other social media platform.


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