3 Popular Home Trends For 2021 That You Must Know About

During the various lockdowns of 2020, many householders took to improving their homes, and with the current restrictions, it will be much the same in 2021.  

It makes perfect sense to enhance your living space at a time like this as your home should act as something of a comfort blanket through this difficult period.

Are you preparing to embark on a home makeover?

If so, James Oliver can let you into some of the home trends that will be causing waves this year, which may help inform your own project


Cottagecore is a theme that has gradually grown in popularity since the pandemic first struck and will be incorporated into lots of UK homes this year. 

It exudes comfort and cosiness and originates from homes out in the countryside, an area where farmlife and greenery are at large. The very essence of cottagecore can be seen in TV programmes like ‘The Darling Buds of May’. 

To emulate the Larkins’ look, find or buy some vintage china to display on your dressing tables, opt for floral patterns and prints on walls and in textures, and see if you can get a wooden farmhouse table for the kitchen.

Home Offices

With offices having to close their doors again, a high percentage of workers are back working from home. 

In reaction to the need to WFH, requests have come in thick and fast for permanent home office extensions. 

Any office add-on needs to receive lots of light from the sun, be a functional space, offer multiple storage solutions, and provide a workspace that’s distraction-free. It sure beats having to work at a makeshift workstation at the end of the bed!


Shouldn’t that be ‘selfie?’ Actually, no, it shouldn’t. Selfies have been consigned to the past now with the preference for ‘shelfies’ taking over. 

Just go to Instagram and you will see that it’s a real thing, with users posting photographs of their fanciest shelf cleverly and colourfully stacked with ceramics, pieces of porcelain, glassware and various other objects. 

Join the club and get your ‘shelfie’ sorted. Experiment with different arrangements on each level of the shelf before taking the final snap and posting on the social media site.

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