3 Great Ways To Improve A Home For The Winter

Here we are again, back in our homes for the majority of the days. But you shouldn’t feel down about it, and instead see the positives of the situation. 

One of them is that you have a great chance to improve the home you’re in, or try and come up with potential ways that you could enhance it with some outside help. 

If you do either of these things, the time will fly by. 

We suggest that any improvements made are done with winter in mind so that you are guaranteed a warm home, which you will be with this trio of home improvement tips.

Get new, thick carpets fitted

Stepping onto fresh new carpets is a treat for your feet, and the smell of them is something else. 

You want a thick carpet, such as a pure wool carpet, which you can increase the thickness of further by including extra underlay to keep your toes lovely and toasty. 

They will insulate the spaces they’re in by making a valuable contribution to heat retention, and subsequently save you money on energy. To avoid spoiling your new carpets, refrain from wearing any outdoor footwear in the house.

Change the colour of a room

Is the current colour scheme in your dining room outdated, or does your living room need livening up somehow? A quick repaint will sort that out. 

Before you do any repainting, open a few windows to let any paint fumes escape, and to turn around the task quickly, have others in the household help out. 

As for what colour you choose, opt for something that will brighten the mood, such as a beautiful burgundy, soft yellow or gentle orange finish. A colour scheme can also be updated through the use of artwork, fabrics and furniture.

Install energy efficient windows & doors

Unless your current windows and doors are insulating your home properly, you can anticipate a sharp rise in the cost of your energy bills, which will hit you hard in the pocket. 

That won’t happen if you have the latest double or triple glazed energy efficient windows and doors installed, that have a high energy rating. 

They will cost you a fair bit, but they’re well worth it in the long run. To find out how much you could save just by upgrading your windows, try out the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator.

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